One of the great things about digital poster sessions is that the system can monitor activity and report viewing and interaction numbers ...


This may be viewed by LIVE by ADMIN users on your on-line administration panel >


And are also reported after the even in a complied STATISTICS REPORT >


eg stats report p2 

eg stats report p3


Some users have used this data to award a "MOST POPULAR POSTER" or "VIEWERS CHOICE" award.



LIVE stats in your admin panel ...

see the number of views each poster has received

sort by DAY or by MONTH


Capture Stats panel 01


see how many e-mail contact requests each poster has received ...

Capture Stats panel 02-blurred

( e-mail addresses are obscured for data protection )


Click here to download our PDF flyer about show statistics.


This is really useful data which you cannot get from printed posters.