Poster Podium


We appreciate that one thing that is different about digital poster sessions is the opportunity for presenters and delegates to meet in person and network.


One way to address this is to have scheduled presentation slots where the poster author / presenter stands at a station with their poster displayed on a large screen and presents it in person to the audience, answers questions etc.


We call these "Poster Podia"


... and we can provide signage ( one example is shown in the illustration ) plus help you organise the sessions.


Click here to download our flyer about Poster Podia.




Poster Podium - Toblerone V1 - no dims - white bgnd

20181207_133520      20181207_133241 

photos courtesy of the Motor Neurone Disease Association 28th International Symposium, Glasgow 2019


In between scheduled sessions the touchscreen station can be in general use for delegates to browse, search and view ANY poster in the show.


Both poster authors and delegates have reported very positively that the ability to connect via e-mail directly from the viewing station* is very useful indeed.


These requests are tracked, so the number of contacts for each poster are collated and reported in the

show statistics ( click for more info ).


* a unique QR code appears automatically beside each poster. It may be scanned or clicked on directly to open a contact form, which is sent by e-mail to the author.

( the author's e-mail is not published for data protection ).


This solid, trace-able contact between authors and viewers is one of the real advantages of digital poster sessions.



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